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Precipice Gangs Empty Precipice Gangs

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 26, 2016 10:34 am

The following Precipice Gangs have been encountered:

* Jagged Cutters - This gang has a preference for strange blades. They are lead by a fast talking man called Jagged Jimmy J.

* Renvar's Reavers - Renvar is a massive man, and runs various extortion and protection rackets throughout the Precipice and Docks. His Reavers are all large and intimidating individuals.

* Purple Rain - This gang is also a cult, lead by the charismatic Poliver, a priest of the Purple Rain cult. (and after a very good Lore (Theology) roll) The Purple Rain cult worship a devil by the name of Incarigoti.

* Gutter Stalkers - This gang had taken over The Red Inn, lead by a rat shaman, they were a filthy gang who kept pet rats. It is believed that they have all been killed.


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