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Post by Admin on Thu Jun 23, 2016 9:48 pm

The following Training & Specialty Options are available at character creation:

Berzerker - Totems - Bear, Crocodile, Eagle, Elk, Lion or Wolf
Crafter - Profession - Farmer, Merchant, Miner, Scribe or Smith
Entertainer - Vocation - Aristocrat, Dancer, Minstrel or Musician
Hunter - Calling - Ranger, Scavenger, Scout or Trapper
Knight - Order - Feather/Phoenix, Light/Radiant, Scale/Behemoth, Skull/Death, Wave/Leviathan or Zephyr/Thunderbird (there is also the option of Disgraced, but that is more for completeness as it is disadvantaged)
Monk - Styles - Crane, Mantis, Monkey, Snake, Tiger or Turtle
Naval - Tradition - Marine, Pirate, Privateer or Sailor
Priest - Faith - Elemental Cult, The One God or The Pantheon
Scoundrel - Focus - Burglar, Con Artist, Cutpurse or Thug
Shaman - Guide - Cat, Dolphin, Fox, Owl, Raven or Scorpion
Warrior - Career - Adept, Man At Arms, Mercenary or Templar
Wizard - College - Four Towers, Magus Ascendant, Olidrian or The Veil (there is also the option of Privately Tutored, but that is more for completeness as it is disadvantaged)


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