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Post by Admin on Thu Jun 23, 2016 9:47 pm

The following Species & Races are available:

Dwarf - Roctain (Deep Dwarf), Statain (Surface Dwarf) & Wavtain (Coastal Dwarf)
Elf - Uluthua (Forest Elf), Masothi (Mountain Elf) & Iolina (Desert Elf)
Fairy - Nixie (Water Fairy), Pixie (Earth Fairy), Sluagh (Air Fairy) & Sprite (Fire Fairy)
Gnome - Tinker (Clockwork Gnome), Stout (Rock Gnome) & Forest (Lightfoot Gnome)
Human - Genstorian (Southern Continent/Caucasian), Fracturite (Northern Continent/Oriental) & Peligan (Archieplago Islander/Dark Skinned)
Orc - Mord (Deep Orc), Harn (Nomad Orc), U'Mord & U'Harn (Crossbreed Orcs)
Saurian - Crodorn (High Saurian), Lizardine (Common Saurian) & Sovas (Wasteland Saurian)


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