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Post by Admin on Tue Jul 26, 2016 10:29 am

The following Adventures are available to be undertaken by members of the Guild:

* Mine Troubles - 4 Miners have been lost so far.  The rest are too afraid to enter the mines.  For more information contact Jurgen Reedy at the Golden Bristle.

* Goblin Raiders - A couple of outlaying farms have been attacked and goblins have been sighted in the area.  Only livestock has been taken so far, but fears are rising that it is only a matter of time before they start attacking people or setting fire to the farms.  For more information contact Douglas Green at The Green Farm.

* Haunted Ship - Travellers along the coastal road have reported strange happening at an old ship wreak (believed to be the pirate ship, The Piper), and misshapen figures have been spotted moving around the wreak during the night.  For more information contact Guard Sgt Henry Forbes at the Northern Gatehouse.

* The Old Shrine - An old shrine on the southern road dedicated to The One God was recently lost to a pack of wolves who began to prey on those who would stop and worship at the shrine.  Perhaps if the wolves are cleared out people would start to pray there again.  For more information contact Father Istiban at the Eastern Temple in near Eastgate. (Note - this is only available if Peta is GMing, and is the only one available when Peta is GMing)

* The Midnight Stalker - Over a dozen reports in the last week have been filed in the Ivy District.  Precious jewellery and gold have been stolen during the night after wealthy citizens have felt they have been followed home.  For more information contact Guard Sgt Lucile Dragonov at The Ivy Circle Barracks.

* A New Blade - Jagged Jimmy J still has interest in acquiring a blade held by a wealthy merchant.  For more information contact Jagged Jimmy J of the Jagged Blades.

* Protection Required - A merchant has heard of plans to steal his precious blade and is looking for some people to protect it from theft.  For more information contact Giles in the Merchant's Quarter.

* Desecration - A shrine of The One God has been desecrated.  They are looking for information and proof regarding who might have committed such a heinous act.  For more information contact Archbishop Persephone at the Starstone Temple in the Ascendant Court.


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